Do you get your feelings hurt easily?

Notice the careful phraseology. I’ve been taught that getting one’s feelings hurt is a choice one makes. I’m quite sure this is true, but I’m terrible at choosing to not get hurt, really don’t know how to stop the hurt before it happens. But I’m trying.

(My dad liked to say, “My wife says I’m a trying husband,” which, of course, my mom never said.)

My mom once wrote some reminiscences of her mother, Mary L. Hunter. I don’t think I ever met my grandmother Hunter, but I have a childhood birthday card from her in one of my “boxes.” Read More →

Wondering what the word kitchen actually means, I looked it up in the dictionary. It means cooking room. Who’d have thought? I thought it was an extension of the craft room. Of course I knew you could also cook there …

OK, I’m hoodwinking you here. But I really did look it up and that really is what kitchen means.

Chili today, hot tamale

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