"dish cloth #5"

“dish cloth #5”

H (5 mm) crochet hook
Cotton yarn (I think one small ball makes 2-2.5 cloths)

Abbreviations and notes:
ch = chain
sc = single crochet

“Space” in rows 2-end refers to the space created by the 2 chains between the single crochets. Insert the hook all the way under the chains (don’t try to go through any of the threads of the chain), into the space between single crochets, hook the yarn and pull up to form your sc.

I find row 25 to be a bit bulky when trying to add the border, so I’ve included a couple of options (see below).

Add a single crochet border around the edge to give it a nice finish and to support the cloth when it’s wet so it doesn’t get all skiwompas.


Chain 35

Row 1: sc-ch 2-sc in 2nd ch from hook; *skip 2 ch, (sc-ch 2-sc) in next ch* across; ch 1, turn

Rows 2-24: (sc-ch 2-sc) in each ch 2 space across; ch 1, turn

Row 25 and finishing (original instructions): (2 sc in first ch 2 space-3 sc in next ch 2 space) across to last space, sc 2. sc around border with 3 sc in each corner, tie off, weave in ends.

OR Row 25 and finishing: do row 25 as above and sc on remaining three sides, with 3 sc in each corner; tie off, weave in ends.

OR Row 25 and finishing: skip row 25 and sc on four sides, with 3 sc in each corner. (I think this is the option I prefer.)

The number of rows doesn’t matter, if you have trouble counting crochet rows. Just go till it looks square. In the photo the Christmas colored cloth has a contrasting border, so you can change colors for that step and go with the original instructions or the last option.

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